Daniel Runcie

Daniel Runcie
Assistant Professor
Office: 278 Robbins
(530) 746-8829

Dr. Runcie joined the Department of Plant Sciences in 2015.

He was a postdoctoral scholar with Johanna Schmitt just next door in the Department of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis and with Stephen Welch at KSU, studying how gene networks and whole-plant physiology together regulate flowering phenology in Arabidopsis thaliana. He earned is Ph.D. from Duke University with Gregory Wray, using quantitative genetics to study genetic variation and plasticity in gene regulatory networks of sea urchin embryos. He also earned a MS in Statistics from Duke with Scott Schmidler, where he developed methods to identify correlations between gene expression traits and 3D morphology.

Graduate Students:

James Ta (Biophysics)

Po-Kai Huang (Plant Biology)

Sarah Odell (Plant Biology)

Saghi Nojoomi (MCIP)

Junqiang Xu (Biostatistics)


Taylor Crow

Rotation Students:


Rongkui Han (Plant Biology)

Chris Brooks (Plant Biology), 2016

Zach Liechty (Plant Biology), 2016


Chio Aguilar (LANGEBIO)

Vladimir Torres (LANGEBIO)

Undergraduate students

Mireille Caton-Darby

Brittany Gillespie

Audry Nishi

Former students

Caryn Johansen (Plant Biology) co-advised with Jeff Ross-Ibarra

Lexie Li (Biostatistics) email GitHub