• Dan spoke at the G2P workshop at Oklahoma State University
  • Jerry passed his Biostatistics Comprehensive exam and graduated with a MS in Biostatistics
  • We’re hiring! A one-year postdoc position is currently available


  • Po-Kai passed his QE!
  • Jun passed his Biostatistics Comprehensive exam! He’ll graduate with a MS in Biostatistics
  • Dan presented at PEQG 2018 in Madison. See Poster
  • Dan and James presented at Phenome 2018
  • Sarah and Saghi joined the lab!
  • James and Sarah were awarded department GSR fellowships
  • James presented at the UC Davis Plant Sciences Symposium
  • Dan is presenting at the PEQG conference


  • Lexie passed her Comprehensive Exam! She’ll graduate with a MS in Biostatistics
  • Dan spoke at the Plant Science Symposium April 24. See slides
  • Caryn Johanson (Plant Biology) jointed the lab!


  • Dan will speak at the Plant Biology seminar series Oct 7
  • Po-Kai (Plant Biology) joined the lab!
  • We received funding from NSF to study adaptation of maize to highland environments! [Link] [Link]
  • We received funding from NSF to study the evolution of critical photoperiod in Mimulus guttatus!
  • Dan spoke at the Plant Biology 2016 in Austin in July
  • James received the Summer GSR award!
  • Dan spoke at the 37th New Phytologist Symposium in Beijing May 15-19
  • Lexie Li (Biostatistics) joined the lab!
  • James Ta (Biophysics) joined the lab!